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In addition to Rick Steves and Moon, Avalon Travel publishes niche guides for independent-minded travelers.

Avalon Travel guides feature a combination of practicality and spirit.

Great American Motorcycle Tours

You’re a rider…an independent spirit who’s reluctant to follow someone else’s road map. But there are thousands of miles of road out there, and you could spend months searching for the best ones.

Great American Motorcycle Tours, 5th Edition

Gary McKechnie has spent years exploring the nation by bike, and these are his top rides, from the rocky New England coast to the wide-open West. McKechnie covers popular rides through Hudson River Valley, Amish Country, the Smoky Mountains and Georgia Hills, Washington State, the Pacific Coast, and everything in-between. In this fifth edition of his best-selling guide, McKechnie includes:

  • Exciting new photographs of rides like the Hudson River Ralley Run, the Pacific Coast Run, and the Red Rocks Run.
  • New tips on the best food, shopping, and nightlife you’ll experience along the way.

Don’t waste your valuable two-wheeled vacation. Instead, let Great American Motorcycle Tours be your guide.

$21.99 USD

Print ISBN: 9781612385419

Ebook ISBN: 9781612385426

Fifth Edition

424 Pages, 5.375 x 8.375

Avalon Travel is an imprint of Perseus Books, a Hachette Book Group company.

The Practical Nomad

The Practical Nomad provides a global perspective that’s necessary whether you’re a first-time trekker or an experienced explorer. Now more than ever it is important to understand other cultures, and Edward Hasbrouck’s guide makes the ever-changing world more accessible.

The Practical Nomad, 5th Edition

Award-winning travel journalist, author, blogger, and consumer advocate Edward Hasbrouck is a leading expert on around-the-world travel, with a background that includes 15 years of experience as a travel agent specializing in around-the-world airfares. Since its first edition in 1997, The Practical Nomad has been heralded as the definitive guide for independent international travelers.

The fully updated fifth edition of The Practical Nomad: How to Travel Around the World includes:

  • Information on new airport security procedures, travel documents, entry requirements, and border crossings
  • Tips on airline tickets and how to find the best deals without getting ripped off
  • Advice on choosing destinations, routes, and traveling companions
  • How to get the time and money for extended travel

$21.99 USD

Print ISBN: 9781598808889

Fifth Edition

720 Pages, 5.375 x 8.375

Avalon Travel is headquartered in Berkeley, California.

The People's Guide to Mexico

Now in its 14th edition, The People’s Guide to Mexico is a cult classic that has been heralded by Harper’s as “the best guidebook to adventure in the whole world.”

The People’s Guide to Mexico, 14th Edition

Over the past 35 years, hundreds of thousands of readers have agreed: This is the classic guide to “living, traveling, and taking things as they come” in Mexico. Now in its updated 14th edition, The People’s Guide to Mexico still offers the ideal combination of basic travel information, entertaining stories, and friendly guidance about everything from driving in Mexico City to hanging a hammock to bartering at the local mercado.

Features include:

  • Advice on planning your trip, where to go, and how to get around once you’re there
  • Practical tips to help you stay healthy and safe, deal with red tape, change money, send email, letters, and packages, use the telephone, do laundry, order food, speak like a local, and more
  • Well-informed insight into Mexican culture, and hints for enjoying traditional fiestas and celebrations
  • The most complete information available on Mexican Internet resources, book and map reviews, and other info sources for travelers


$24.99 USD

Print ISBN: 9781598809602

Ebook ISBN: 9781612380490



Fourteenth Edition

768 Pages, 5.5 x 8.5