Nedret became a Socialist Youth Party leader, helping organize protests against government officials and earning the reputation of a stylish showoff who cultivated the look of a rock star. But he wore tinted eyeglasses, in part, to protect his blepharitic eyes from painful light, and his high-necked shirts and dramatic scarves covered an ugly childhood scar. An inexperienced surgeon had botched a tracheotomy when young Nedret choked on a dry bean. ventolin and children One day soldiers from another region crossed Serb-controlled territory to attend a meeting in Ilijaz’s village and brought with them good news. Fatima had left Bratunac in time and was staying with relatives in her deceased father’s birth village. All these weeks, she’d been only eight miles north of him, but, with Chetniks holding much of the mountainous territory in between, she might as well have been on the moon.

Travel Matters

As authors and publishers of independent travel guidebooks, Avalon believes travel is perhaps the most valuable means by which we learn about the world and our place in it.
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Rick Steves

One of America’s best-loved travel icons, Rick Steves brings decades of exploring the cities, towns, waterways and countrysides of Europe to travelers eager to experience the old world. His mission to make European travel fun, affordable, and culturally broadening for Americans is realized in his best-selling travel guides and a series of helpful maps, phrasebooks, and DVDs.

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Moon Travel Guides

Everyone approaches the world in a different way. Moon knows this, and with its distinct guidebook series—Handbooks, Living Abroad, Outdoors, Spotlights, and MapGuides—travelers and adventure-seekers will find the guide that matches their individual style. Explore a new place, get lost in a great city, head out on a scenic trail, run away from home—there’s a Moon guide for you.

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Photo of two Moon guidebooks.

Other Travel Titles

In addition to Rick Steves and Moon, Avalon Travel publishes niche guides for independent-minded travelers.

These individual titles include The People’s Guide to Mexico, The Practical Nomad, Great American Motorcycle Tours, and the Dog-Lover’s Companion series.

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2015 Frankfurt Restaurant Map

For those attending the 2015 Frankfurt Book Fair, we’ve assembled some of our favorite restaurant recommendations in the area. Use the map to pinpoint restaurants near you, or browse the listings by cuisine to find the perfect location. Download the 2015 Frankfurt Restaurant Map (pdf) Visit Avalon Travel and the Perseus Books Group at the 2015 Frankfurt Book Fair at Hall 6.0...
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